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ISO 9001 - A standard you can rely on

We are proud to be able to say that this year we have had a quality management system based on the ISO 9001 standard for 20 years. As is widely known, this standard is based on the seven principles of quality management:

The well-known principles of the standard underline our own principles:

  • Customer orientation: our customers come first. Our processes reflect this: fast reaction times, reliable agreements and responsible handling of customer requirements.
  • Leadership: mt-g's Management actively supports quality management and exchanges views with those responsible for quality on a weekly basis.
  • People: for us, practised quality includes personnel, qualification and training management within an integrated system.
  • Processes: our processes are the result of 20 years of project and translation management. We pool our best experiences and standardise them to a common and successful approach to working within a modern and efficient system.
  • Improvements: we are our strictest critics and do not shy away from changing things where necessary. This is based on systematic feedback from customers and employees.
  • Fact-based decision making: although translation is a human service, there is a whole range of measurable performance indicators to guide quality measures, from monitoring punctuality to translation evaluation according to known models through to the analysis of TM profitability.
  • Relationship management: we firmly believe that both employees and translators require a dedicated framework to deliver their best results. We invest considerable resources to achieve this.

Since its introduction, our management system has been put through its paces again and again - and not only by our Certification Body, the DQS. Above all, our customers regularly assess us and are always enthusiastic about our specialised and engaging approach.



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