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Team Dental: Your Experts for Technical and Marketing Expertise

We recently introduced you to Team Dental in our blog. Now that you have had a personal look at the everyday work of the six project managers and editors, we would now like to give you some more details about their translation process. After all, our Team Dental is a well-rounded group of experts that helps customers with everything from the translation of documentation for product approval to subsequent sales and marketing.

Missed the last blog post? Let's introduce you to the team.

Dental Technology and Dentistry: An Overview

The medical fields of dental technology and dentistry include several sub-specialties, which have their own specialized terminological requirements and specifications. Our Team Dental handles projects on a daily basis, including texts from all of the areas below.

Overview of the Typical Kinds of Texts and Documents That Come Across Our Desks

In addition to the individual subareas with their respective technical terms, various documents can also pose a challenge from time to time, because a translation for a social media post follows few or no rules, while operating instructions or case reports are formally structured.

Typical documents that our dental team deals with on a daily basis include:

  • Documentation: Operating instructions, case reports, manuals, and safety data sheets
  • Marketing: Product catalogues, brochures, flyers, websites, newsletters, and apps
  • Press releases, social media posts
  • Miscellaneous: Scientific texts, technical articles, training materials, and legal texts
  • Documents pertaining to human resources and quality management

Do you have other types of documents that you would like our Team Dental to translate? No problem: Send us an inquiry, and we will find a personalized solution for you.

From Approval to Sales and Re-Certification

Working with so many different topics, subtopics, and types of documents requires a sense of responsibility, commitment, and competence. Our Team Dental combines all these qualities and more. Thanks to our versatile team, we support our customers throughout the entire product cycle, from approval to sales and marketing measures. We always adhere to all standards.

But Team Dental is also ready to continue to support its customers during subsequent processes. If documents, such as manuals or operating instructions, need to be updated as part of a re-audit or re-certification, this can be done efficiently thanks to the use of CAT tools

Below we have summarized the steps in the process we can support our customers with. We would also be happy to help you with the particular requirements of your order.

Safety and Quality

Thanks to our certification in accordance with the international ISO 9001 standard, we guarantee our customers the highest quality medical and pharmaceutical specialist translations. On request, the Team Dental can also request translations from our Team 17.1, which handles translations that comply with ISO 17100. The additional steps in the translation process increase the quality thanks to even higher qualification and professional competence requirements.

Our customers that are medical product manufacturers are responsible for the health and safety of their customers and their patients. Translations of package inserts, labels, or web texts are therefore classified as important product components. Therefore, our customers can rely on the fact that our teams take the utmost care in preparing their translations.