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Young talent at mt-g: our new colleagues (10/20 to 04/21)

Good translations require technically sound management, hard-working quality controllers and people who are happy to communicate. This has been reflected in the staffing of the last few months. Seven managers for translation projects and marketing, two quality controllers and a software developer have expanded the team. Their profiles will give you some idea as to who they are.


Fatma Acar, Project Manager in the Medical Technology Team

Fatma honors us from the Turkish university town of Gaziantep, which is also where she was born. She is more than purely a language specialist - not only has she studied linguistics, cultural studies and translation sciences, but also computer science and technology.

With previous experience in project management, Fatma joined the Medical Technology Team in November 2020 in the same position. She feels "absolutely super" in her team and is looking forward to new tasks and challenges.


Nadezhda Basheva, Project Manager in the Global Regulatory Affairs Team

With great attention to detail, Nadja organizes translation projects and looks after our clients. For her, project management spells satisfied clients. Before joining mt-g in October 2020, she had already spent seven years managing language projects at an international language service provider, also in the medical field.

Nadja sharpened her English skills with a Master's degree in English Linguistics. She converses with her clients in English and German. In addition, she also speaks Russian as well as Polish to some extent.

The native Bulgarian from Varna values the project work and the collegial culture at mt-g just as much as she enjoys contact with clients. Nadja complements her team with her friendly and trustworthy personality.


Denise Ergenzinger, Project Manager for Online Marketing SEO/SEA

"I'm organized creative chaos and I'm happy to be able to use my knowledge at mt-g in a solution-oriented fashion." A statement that Denise has already followed up with action.

Since December 2020, she has been posting our online adverts and watching over the marketing plan with the never-ending stamina of a dungeon master. This is no accident by far, as she leads a Dungeons & Dragons group in her spare time.

In addition, she is also a big fan of Microsoft Excel and uses the program to manage keyword lists for international SEO. Prior to joining mt-g, Denise was involved in search engine optimization and advertising for the clients of a marketing agency.


Domenic Hasselbach, Project Manager in the Global Regulatory Affairs Team

If you need a package insert in Palatine, just contact Domenic. After five semesters of human medicine in Homburg, the Palatinate native decided to pursue a bachelor's degree in translation, linguistics and cultural studies in Germersheim. Since November 2020, he has applied his knowledge to mt-g's language solutions for the medical industry.

Domenic finds the working atmosphere very pleasant and has found communication in the company to be open and friendly: "Employees and supervisors meet at eye level."


Yasamin Khosravani, Project Manager in the Pharmaceutical & Medical Communication Team

Yasamin Khosravani has been living in Germany since 2012. Before starting at mt-g as a project manager in October 2020, she obtained her PhD in translation studies at the University of Leipzig and worked as a translator and English trainer. It therefore comes as no surprise that Yasamin's heart beats for languages.

Now her heart beats in rhythm with incoming translation jobs.


Simon Kübel, database developer in the Software Development Team

Simon Kübel, 23, from the German state of Baden, is delighted to have been developing elements for mt-g's internal database since January 2021.

Simon ensures that our project managers and colleagues in Sales can continue to complete your orders as quick as lightning. The IT specialist for application development started his career in the print media industry, where he programmed in Java and automated image editing processes with Adobe Photoshop.


Maja Mrakovcic-Berg, Quality Control in the Global Regulatory Affairs Team

Maja puts the quality stamp on translations for drug approvals. Maja relocated from her Swabian birthplace of Laupheim to faraway Heidelberg to study translation studies with a focus on medicine. And there she stayed - with her husband, child and dog.

What Maja particularly likes about her work at mt-g is that she can keep in touch with her home region. And when she can work in her native Croatian, she is absolutely thrilled. The globetrotter is also fluent in four other languages.


Annika Müller, Quality Control in the Clinical Studies Team

Since December 2020, Annika Müller has been supporting mt-g as an editor. Thanks to her degree in translation studies, she has excellent English and Italian language skills. She specialized in medical translations during her studies and is thus ideally equipped for her tasks in the Clinical Studies Team. Annika particularly appreciates the good working spirit in the company and her helpful colleagues.


Frederike Schierl, Project Manager in the Medical Technology Team

At this point, let's welcome a linguistic wonder versed in eight languages. With a master's degree in translation under her belt at 24, Frederike joined the Medical Technology Team as a project manager. She enjoys the varied work and the nice team of colleagues. In return, her colleagues and clients can expect friendliness, punctuality and professionalism.


Nicolas Zimmermann, Social Media Manager

Writing about yourself is the hardest challenge, but this applies to everyone. After completing my Master's degree in media studies, I first worked as a copywriter with a focus on comprehensible language. However, I preferred work as a social media manager. The pandemic accelerated my prospects of changing jobs, and so my dream job came sooner than I expected.

Since the beginning of February 2021, I have been writing the newsletter, blog and the posts on LinkedIn, Facebook and XING. I am still exploring the perfect editorial mix that our potential readers and clients would like to read. But that is the price one has to pay for a dream job.


Maybe you can simply tell me what you would like to read more about - here in the comments or on social media.



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