Medical Corporate Language

This is the decisive piece in the mosaic of your CI.

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A corporate language makes
your company stand out

The language that drives your sales

The medical and pharmaceutical market offers an almost inexhaustible portfolio of similar products and services. Sophisticated corporate designs and well-made websites have become the standard. So how can you stand out from your competitors in the digital space when you offer comparable products and services that are visually presented in similar ways? Corporate colors, fonts, and imagery hardly make this happen anymore. The answer is: Medical Corporate Language.

What medical corporate language can do for you

An individualized corporate language ...


  • communicates your company values and brand values far beyond what your corporate design can do,
  • allows you to achieve uniform cross-media communication,
  • creates trust by making the specialist language of the medical field also accessible to your customers,
  • condenses complex information and thus makes it easy to understand,
  • sets your product clearly apart from competitors because it is an exact match for the language of your target group, and
  • always tells the unique story of your company's values and goals.

Advantages of corporate wording

makes work processes
more efficient

facilitates ease
of understanding

brand values

focuses on
customer requirements

drives forward
the sales process

Language creates identity

Brand values want to be communicated – catchily and right away. A corporate language not only conveys brand values. It is itself a brand value, and it informs the choice of words, style, and tone in all of your company's communications. It gives customers confidence, because it speaks their language, and it creates an identity for the entire company.

The part that makes all the difference

We specialize in developing this crucial piece in the mosaic of your corporate identity and linking it to the other existing elements of your corporate identity. In addition, we will create an individual guide for you that will help you to use your corporate language. This way, your brand will speak the same language across channels.

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