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With each sentence we build your success

Our medical writers help you communicate.

Are you looking for a language service provider to write your medical texts that ...

  • always present information in a way that is easy to understand and appropriate for the target group,
  • is familiar with official documents, legal requirements, and guidelines,
  • is supported by an extensive network of medical writers,
  • also specializes in corporate language and medical marketing, and
  • has expert knowledge about international search engine optimization (SEO)?

Our medical writers perform all text assignments professionally and accurately in accordance with your needs.

Medical writing: Convince your audience with each line

The perfect tool for your corporate communications

Professional medical writers with sensitivity to language and broad medical background are rare to find. They not only have to be well versed in the specific subject but also have to be able to write for different target groups. Readability and linguistic finesse are also important when writing medical texts. At the same time, working with different freelancers often takes a lot of administrative effort and work.

mt-g makes medical writing extremely straightforward for you. That's because we are your one-stop language service provider.

We help you create your medical source texts. All texts are always adapted to the respective target group you want to address.

Target group-oriented medical writing

We speak your the language of your customers.

It is essential for medical texts to reflect the needs of the respective target audience. For patients, complex content must be reworked to make it easy to understand. By contrast, texts intended for a specialist audience require language that is professional and subject specific. Medical writing for authorities must always adhere to legal requirements and guidelines. All of our medical writers excel with their feel for different target audiences and their expert knowledge.


Our services:

Specialist audience

Brochures, specialist medical articles for doctors, pharmacies etc.


Patient guides,
patient magazines


Regulatory documents pursuant to current guidelines, protocols

More than just pretty words

Our customized solutions for your medical and pharmaceutical texts

An excellent medical text will do more than just deliver pure facts. It provides information while simultaneously conveying your corporate message. For optimal medical marketing, we will gladly incorporate your corporate language into your texts. SEO text optimization is another of our areas of expertise. Together, we also make your company visible on the Internet.

Medical content

Medical articles, blog posts, white papers, social media, newsletters

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International SEO

Web presence,
SEO texts

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International SEO

Lay summaries

Medicine explained for laypersons

Lay summaries, which present your research outcomes in straightforward language for laypersons, are also customized. Our medical writers understand how to transfer technical language into a language level suitable for laypersons.

Take a look at our white paper if you would like to know everything involved in creating a lay summary. We have thought about how to efficiently fulfill the content requirements in accordance with EU Directive No. 536/2014. The instructions provide you with step-by-step rules that allow the Directive to be transformed into a compact structure, which can then be converted into a straightforward text.

Download the white paper in the mt-g blog


mt-g: Communication is our specialty

The benefits of our one-stop service

A language service
with a solid foundation

Medical writing is an important tool for professional corporate communication.Our almost 25 years of experience as a language service provider in the medical and pharmaceutical sector have made us experts in this field.

Your first-class
medical writer

At mt-g, all our medical writers are competent experts with a background in medicine and language. At the same time, they excel with their linguistic skills. This is what makes our language services so reliable.

Your one-stop
language service provider

At mt-g, we give you access to experts who can deliver a wide variety of language services. If required, we can enhance your medical text with international SEO and your corporate language. Don’t have your own corporate language? We will gladly develop one for you.

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