You can also rely on us to interpret
the spoken word.

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We also translate the spoken word with our same customary precision – on the spot or online.

We can handle the project management of your medical interpreting projects, including the selection and coordination of the interpreters. It does not matter whether you need interpreters for a conference, a congress, a specialist seminar, an inspection, or a guided tour. Of course, we can also send our interpreters to anywhere they are needed.

Expertise that’s worth listening to

Furthermore, our interpreters are specialists themselves in the subjects they interpret. They have a sound education as well as extensive know-how and experience, both in terms of language and in the areas of medicine and pharmacy. You can rest assured that what you speak will be interpreted by linguists who are native speakers of the target language. Our interpreters also have native-fluency in their respective second language.

Four types of interpreting

To ensure the successful implementation of your project

Would you like all attendees at your conference, workshop, or general meeting to be able to follow the event synchronously in all languages? Then you need a simultaneous interpreter. For this type of interpreting, two interpreters take turns in soundproof booths and interpret what has been said into the target language with pinpoint accuracy.

Consecutive interpreting is ideal for short addresses, lectures, and discussions. The interpreter sits or stands close to the speaker, takes notes, and then interprets longer sections of the speaker’s address into the desired target language.

Shorter sections of the conversation are verbally interpreted into another language in manageable chunks, thereby negating the need to take notes or use interpretation equipment. The interpreting and translating is done impromptu, e.g., at work meetings, negotiations, and audits.

Remote interpreting is a sensible alternative to the on-site service, not least due to the current global pandemic. We take care of the technical setup to ensure a smooth process for participants in every time zone around the world. Please speak to us personally about your project.

Interpreters for every occasion

We have the right experts for you.

From providing hospital interpreters to contract negotiations and corporate events: There are many occasions when you might need a professional interpreter. We can arrange for the help you need at

  • Conferences, regulatory inspections, and business meetings
  • Site visits with guided tours, trade fairs, and similar events
  • Speeches, lectures, and presentations in small groups
  • Audits and contract negotiations
  • Classes, trainings, and seminars
  • Other events upon request

mt-g: Your reliable partner

for healthcare interpreting.

& direct

mt-g will assign a personal point of contact to handle all of your questions and concerns for the entire duration of your project: your project manager. They will be at your side with advice and support throughout the entire project.

Our expertise
for your project

Precise interpretation is enormously important for ensuring smooth international corporate communications. That is why we only use native-speaking interpreters with many years of experience.

Worldwide partners

Our language portfolio consists of over 80 languages and 600 language pairs. Together we are able to reliably complete every project thanks to our global network of carefully tested translators and interpreters.

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