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mt-g develops universal language services for the medical field and pharmaceutical sector worldwide. Specialized medical translations are the backbone for all of our other services.


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We specialize in medical and pharmaceutical translations.



We specialize in medical and pharmaceutical translations; we rank second and ninth in the industry. We are the second biggest life sciences specialist generating revenue exclusively in this field and number 9 in turnover compared to other language service providers according to CSA Research.

Medical Technology

At the junction of medicine and engineering. Accuracy and speed are our priorities.

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Drug Authorization

We ensure compliance with your deadlines whilst delivering flawless translations.

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Clinical Trials

We translate your study documents into a wide variety of languages in the shortest possible time.

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Marketing & Communications

We perform translation projects in all areas of medical communication.

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Dental Equipment & Dentistry

We specialize in the unique requirements and technical terminology needed in the field of dentistry.

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Our specialist services at a glance


We help companies to address an international audience by providing specialized translations.

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We also translate the spoken word with our same customary precision – on-site or online.

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Regulatory Labelling

Our complete package for your regulatory labelling needs at the European level.

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Audio / Video

Whether you need audio transcription, subtitling, or a voiceover, we make it possible.

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MT & Post-Editing

What you need to know about machine translation.

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Software Localization

Get your applications ready for the global market.

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Medical Writing

Our medical writers help you communicate.

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International Medical SEO

Your brand message will reach all the corners of the world.

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Readability Testing & Bridging

We can help you conduct the legally required readability testing.

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You can rely on our experts to help you produce braille.

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MDR Adjustments

We amend your technical documentation according to MDR.

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