forms the basis of trust.

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We are your reliable partner,
for everything in the world of language services.

Reliability is the key to the success and satisfaction of our customers, partners, and employees. We count on our conscientious working practices, our collaborative approach and, last but not least, our expertise. That is what makes us supremely capable of providing language services.

We make it possible.

mt-g delivers your language project in the medical field.

Straightforward & direct

At mt-g, you have one personal contact, who is responsible for your project: your project manager. This person is always there to provide you with advice and assistance concerning language services. 

Your project manager can be reached directly by email or phone and will work with you to develop a tailor-made solution for your project.

Attention to detail & precision

Our entire service, above all our professional translations, stand out from the competition thanks to our conscientious project management and linguistic expertise.

Our project managers as well as our international specialist translators handle every language services project reliably and with precision. 

Supremely capable
Supremely capable – That is non-negotiable.

Expertise and commitment form the foundation of our professional working practices. 

We demonstrate our expertise through:

  • specialist project teams, 
  • tailor-made solutions, and 
  • proactive collaborative thinking.

Our commitment is evidenced by our:

  • straightforwardness, 
  • speed,
  • enthusiasm, 
  • willingness to accommodate, and 
  • taking up of challenges.

Reliability forms the basis of quality.

We take care of your language service needs personally, conscientiously, supremely capably.

Communication creates trust.

  • We cultivate close relationships with our customers by providing dedicated contact people, mostly over the course of several projects. This is how mt-g develops enduring partnerships, which we carefully cultivate. 
  • Together with an ever-growing team, we develop concepts that are precisely tailored to the specific needs of our customers. 
  • For every one language service, you will have a contact person who is responsible for your project and can always be reached personally. This allows us to address your concerns quickly and flexibly.

We accommodate you.

  • A convincing language service requires careful and precise planning. Before we start working on your documents, we will discuss all the details of your order with you. 
  • Together we set deadlines, define terminology, and clarify your budget expectations. Thus, we are able to complete your specialist translations and perform other language services conscientiously in accordance with your needs and wishes. 

A language service with vision.

  • Every single project we handle is different – sometimes it just comes down to the fine details. We take it for granted that our customers have individual requirements for how they wish their project to be processed or implemented.  We will address your wishes and develop a strategy together in the course of a personal conversation.
  • Our multilingual project managers think through each order carefully, ask the right questions, and think proactively on behalf of our customers. Our forward thinking and direct communication style are what make our language solutions so accommodating.
  • At mt-g, all project managers are specialists in their field. The same goes for our mother-tongue translators. It is this prioritization of professional expertise that makes us a supremely capable language service provider.
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