is always something that we can measure.

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Our reliable quality management system
for your medical translations.

Certified. Verified. Secure.


Our high standard of quality is the direct result of our commitment. But it must also be measurable and verifiable.
This applies to our specialist translations as well as to all of our other processes.
mt-g was one of the first European language service providers for the medical and pharmaceutical industries and is certified according to ISO 9001. In addition, we have a specialist team who is certified and dedicated to upholding the international quality standard ISO 17100 for translation service providers.

For your professional translation …

  • we work in accordance with a reliable quality management system,
  • we scrutinize our translators and all of our other language experts rigorously,
  • we continually train all of our employees, and
  • we pass our audits with flying colors.

A language service provider with a solid foundation

We stay true to our quality standards.

We use the ConSense IMS quality management system to design, secure, and improve all internal processes. It regulates all of our workflows and acts as specification documentation and a source of information on project management and quality assurance for our staff. We have developed our processes with the support of the quality management standards ISO 9001 and ISO 17100. Thanks to our internal quality assurance measures, we are also able to ensure and increase the quality of your specialist translations.

Computer Assisted Translation

In addition, CAT tools assist us with the quality control of your medical translations. We save these in translation memories. This system recognizes repetitions, identical sentence pairs, and similar text segments. This ensures that the wording and technical terms specified by the customer are used consistently. Numbers and product names are also always carried over correctly. At the same time, you will save money, because we bill identical content at a lower percentage price per word. You also save time, because the translator has less work to do. In addition, our CAT tools ensure that your terminology is used correctly.

The quality of our professional translations is firmly based on the technical and linguistic competencies as well as the reliability of our language experts. That is why careful selection, in particular of our specialist medical translators, based on strictly defined selection criteria is especially important. We entrust your medical translations exclusively to native speakers who have specialized in medicine and can demonstrate their knowledge and experience. Before we work with a new language expert, we test them using an established selection procedure.

Qualifications and subject expertise

At mt-g, all of our specialist medical translators have a recognized university degree and/or several years of professional experience. They are scientists and technical specialists with a translation degree or translators specializing in various fields of medicine and pharmaceuticals. We carefully test our applicants by having them complete a test translation. If they translate this reliably, they are accepted into our international network on a probationary basis.

Probationary period

We pay close attention to the quality of the work provided by our specialist medical translators during the probationary period. Incidentally, thanks to our reliable evaluation system, we also constantly review the performance of our long-standing regular translators.

Our employees regularly complete training and continuing education courses in project management, quality assurance, and translation technologies. You can rest assured that, at mt-g, you are always speaking to an expert.

Always up to date

In addition, our project managers regularly attend special training courses specific to their relevant specialist fields and customers. Your personal contact knows the ins and outs of your sector. That is why they can provide you with expert support relating to all questions concerning your specialist pharmaceutical and medical translations.

When it comes to the medical translation of your documents, we pay attention to data security and maintain the confidentiality of your information.
All of our in-house staff and external suppliers have signed a confidentiality agreement. That way, your data are always well protected with us. In addition, we will gladly sign such an agreement with you before we start your specialist translation project. mt-g treats all documents confidentially and shares them only with people who are involved in your project.

The Across Language Server, which is one of the leading translation management systems, provides an additional layer of security and quality, because ...

  • … it creates a closed working environment and requires users to log in,
  • ... it minimizes security risks and manages projects and processes,
  • … our project managers decide which user has which editing rights,
  • … texts may be edited only after a job has been assigned,
  • … changes in the translation memory and in the terminology system can be tracked in the history at any time,
  • … our project managers set the rules for the entire translation process, and
  • … once the tasks have been completed, your data are no longer in the translator's IT system.

As part of our quality management process, we have already successfully passed numerous customer audits. Would you like to request an audit? Our quality management team will be happy to answer all your questions personally.

mt-g stands for precise specialist medical and pharmaceutical translations - this is also underlined by our certificates. The international standard ISO 9001 forms the basis of our quality management system. With additional steps in the translation process, the ISO 17100 standard offers you even more assurance, on request, including the forthcoming MDR and IVDR regulations. The ISO 18587 standard combines artificial intelligence with human intellect. On request, medical and pharmaceutical translations are first machine-translated and then carefully post-edited by our language experts.

You can find out more information about our certifications in our glossary.

Do you need a copy of our certificates for your QM system? Just ask us at qm@noSpammt-g.com. We will send the certificate you desire to you directly.

We have concluded confidentiality agreements with our customers in the life sciences sector. For this reason, there is only so much that we are at liberty to disclose at this point. What we can say is that 80% of the top 50 pharmaceutical companies worldwide trust our service.

You can learn more about how personal data is used in our Privacy Policy.