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A language service to ensure the international success of your software

If you are looking for a language service provider for your software localization needs that …

  • can handle large volumes without any problems,
  • works solely with specialized native-speaker translators with IT skills,
  • can meet tight deadlines, and
  • can flexibly adapt to constantly changing requirements,

… then look no further: you can entrust your projects to our expert project managers. Whether you are preparing large volumes of data or require localization engineering or functional tests: Together we will customize a solution for your software localization needs.

Flawless software localization

thanks to the Passolo system, which was specifically developed for the translation of software strings, and Trados Studio

Whether RESX, DLL, EXE, OCS, RC, QT, INI, APK, XML, PO, XLIFF, and CSV, the file formats of the various applications that you will encounter in the medical sector can vary tremendously. With our translation tools we can handle all common file formats. In particular, we use the Passolo localization system and Trados Studio. Does your project have any other requirements? Talk to us about it, and we will find a solution for you.

The best user experience

transcending all language barriers

For your applications to win over international audiences, they must satisfy the specific requirements of the target country. Therefore, we will adapt your software to meet the technical, linguistic, and cultural requirements of the target country, if needed. That way, your products will reach all corners of the world. With our language service, we help your company reach the largest target audience possible.

Length-restricted texts –

we will find the most suitable option.

Most applications restrict the space allowed for dialog boxes, buttons, and menu items. At the same time, the source and target language text will often differ in character count. But you can rest assured, since our language experts have the necessary experience and sensitivity to handle such cases. They take into account all string length requirements and any associated changes to the graphical user interface during the software localization process. This results in easily understandable texts of the right length that meet all requirements.

We would also be happy to advise you during the product development phase.

Texts lacking context:

Responsive communication for best results

As a language service provider with nearly 25 years of experience, we know all the challenges of software localization. This also applies to strings with minimal or no context. Therefore, we will develop a workflow together with you in advance providing basic context information. This allows us to minimize translation errors and save time thanks by reducing the need for queries.

A customized workflow –

from simple translations to functional testing

Our language service workflow for software localization:

  • Analysis of source data
  • Submission of a quote
  • Translation of the data from a large number of formats
  • Translation and proofreading with standard industry tools
  • Localization of graphics, strings, and user interfaces as well as other media
  • Linguistic review of all components
  • Desktop publishing

We translate your

  • Interfaces
  • Documentation
  • Online help articles
  • Training documents
  • Marketing materials
  • Websites

Assured quality

for your software localization

Language is the foundation of any internationally successful software. Therefore, quality assurance represents a key part of the software localization process. This helps you avoid errors in localization and maintains the usability of your application.

Our specialized native-speaker translators will test the usability and ergonomics of your multilingual software. For our localization testing, we consider not only language-specific but also visual and functional factors.

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