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International medical SEO will allow you
to be seen across the globe.

If you are looking for a language service provider that ...

  • knows the latest SEO-specific requirements and always stays abreast of the latest developments,
  • specializes in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors,
  • works only with expert SEO translators, and
  • has medical writers who can compose medical texts in accordance with SEO guidelines,

… then mt-g is the right partner for the international search engine optimization of your texts.

Practicing SEO around the world

International SEO for different regions

English-language SEO is not easy. Not only do you have to translate exactly and pick up on all of the nuances of the English language, you also have to have a cultural feel for the target country. In the UK, different keywords are more relevant than in the US or any other English-speaking region. International SEO must take this into account.

Emily B.
Translator & SEO-Specialist

German is a difficult language for search engine optimization. There are numerous ways to express an idea in German. Synonyms and compound words can be a real challenge for the SEO expert. Here it is important to determine what are the right formulations for reaching the respective target group and to craft an appropriate SEO strategy.

Frederik A.
Translator & SEO-Specialist

Google is clearly the number one search engine in many regions around the world. But there are countries in which Google's market leadership status is being questioned by other companies. Russia is one such market. The domestic provider Yandex RU is a strong competitor here. International SEO must know the market and, if necessary, focus on optimizing for other search engines.

Fedor K.
Translator & SEO-Specialist

French is a complex language that uses elegant expressions. On the Internet, however, French speakers often use abbreviated or slang words to make searching easier on search engines. Often, only native speakers will be familiar with these types of conventions. This can make international SEO difficult.

Eva G.
Translator & SEO-Specialist

Your complete package of services from mt-g

for your international SEO in the medical and pharmaceutical sector

It has been proven that SEO texts increase the findability of your company's website on the internet. In order to address global markets, we recommend that your web texts undergo international search engine optimization. Since every country has different requirements for search engine optimization, the translation of your source texts must satisfy important conditions.

In order to ensure successful international medical SEO ...

  • search words must be translated and be conveyed linguistically and culturally,
  • the search culture and search engines of the target country must be taken into account, and
  • the most appropriate translations must be found for the often very specialized search terms that are used in the medical field in order to increase your search volume over the long term.

As an international language service provider, we specialize in knowing the country-specific requirements. Our mother-tongue SEO translators and medical writers will help you to overcome national borders and gain visibility worldwide.

mt-g:We think globally.

Let our experience and quality help you to achieve the best result

Our more than 20 years of experience in the medical, pharmaceutical, and B2B sectors are what make our language services so precise. At mt-g, a dedicated team will take care of the interterritorial SEO of your texts. This means that your project will be implemented smoothly and without any detours.

We always stay on top of the latest developments in the field of SEO, and we continually train our specialist translators. This allows us to ensure the quality of our SEO translations and to position your company better in search engine rankings worldwide.

Our tailor-made solution

for your international SEO

mt-g offers:

  • ongoing analyses of the entire process
  • international keyword research
  • writing of metatexts and meta tags
  • medical texts composed in accordance with SEO requirements
  • translation and culturally appropriate keyword lists, metatexts, and meta tags
  • analysis and optimization of existing SEO measures

Searched and found

Let us apply our expertise to your SEO project

creates trust

Your project manager is your personal contact. They will advise you on search engine optimization and guide you through the entire process.

We will develop a specific project schedule together with you before we start on the SEO translation and optimization of your texts. This makes the costs transparent and creates a working relationship based on trust.

Ready to listen
to your concerns

Our project managers are always easy to reach, whether by email or phone.

That way we can resolve any outstanding questions quickly and flexibly.

We know how important international SEO is for a company's global marketing. That is why we use only mother-tongue medical writers with many years of experience.

We accommodate you.

Your personal contact will carefully plan your order and proactively ask the right questions. As a result, we not only meet your requirements of our language services, but also often exceed them.

We cultivate relationships with our customers. This is how we have developed so much enduring customer loyalty.

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