We help you to reach an
international audience.

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We translate your medical texts
reliably and precisely.

We help companies to address an international audience by providing specialist translations in medicine and pharmaceuticals. Our project managers will guide you through every step of the translation process.

A tailor-made solution for every project

We provide medical translations in the fields of drug authorizations, clinical trials, medical technology, dental technology, and dentistry, as well as marketing and communications for medicine. We translate into more than 80 languages and between around 600 language pairs. In the process, our specialist translators render documents exclusively into their mother tongue.

Official agencies and authorities often require certified translations. These might be doctors' certificates, diplomas, or medical reports. We use sworn translators for this purpose. They translate your documents into the desired language with precision, and their translations are legally binding. Send us your document in its original form or as a color scan with a resolution of at least 150 dpi. Depending on the type of certification you require, an original might be mandatory. We can also assist you if you need an apostille or legalization.

We also translate multimedia content quickly and reliably - from transcription of your audio files to professional film and video subtitling. We are also happy to provide voiceovers for your specialist medical videos. Our international speakers gladly lend their voices for this.

Are you in a rush? Then we can provide you with an express translation. Thanks to our international network of specialist medical translators, this can even be done overnight or over the weekend.

We can translate the entire contents of your website to provide your company with a successful web presence. All of the web texts are adapted by our medical translators to the respective linguistic and cultural specifics. Of course, we are also at your service to assist and advise you about all questions related to the necessary data importing and exporting.

In order to ensure the global success of your company, your product or company texts must present certain qualities to be found by all regional and international search engines. This is exactly what our SEO translations make possible. mt-g conducts the keyword research and creates multilingual metatexts for the international search engine optimization of your website.

We are the right partner

for your professional translation needs because we ...


  • have a global network of specialist medical translators,
  • offer a very high standard of quality assurance,
  • create and maintain individual terminology databases on request,
  • use translation memory systems,
  • adhere to certified processes that conform to ISO 9001 or 17100,
  • abide reliably by all deadlines, and
  • guide you expertly through the entire process.


Feasibility study

We check the overall conditions of your project and whether we have all of the data that we need. In addition, we clarify whether the desired deadlines are feasible, whether the file formats are supported, and whether we have all the information we need to plan out the project.

File preparation

We remove superfluous line breaks, lock text that is not relevant to the translation, and create editable text for graphics. During this step, we also convert PDF documents into editable formats. On request, we create individual translation memories and maintain them for your future medical translations.

Production of quotations

After we have prepared your data, we will produce a free quotation that is tailored to your individual needs, with details of the anticipated processing time.



After you confirm the order, we will start the translation. To do this, we rely on our network of mother-tongue specialist translators from all over the world


We offer our customers optional revision by an additional specialist medical translator. This process step is mandatory for projects that must comply with ISO 17100.

Internal quality assurance

As part of our quality assurance process, we carefully check every translation for completeness, numbers, units of measurement, and other stipulated checkpoints. This procedure is included in every translation order at no extra charge.



You are welcome to arrange part-deliveries or secure transmission of your projects via our FTPS server with us.

Customer feedback

Please talk to us and give us your individual feedback concerning your specialist translation so that we can learn about and implement all of your requirements.

What you can expect from our comprehensive translation process:


  • Independent project management teams for each specialist area in the medical field with personal contacts and mother-tongue specialist translators
  • Ongoing project support from our translation technology specialists
  • Joint development of the workflow and process structure
  • Process implementation compliant with ISO 9001 or, on request, translation compliant with ISO 17100
  • A quality check by our quality assurance colleagues, who will review your medical translation prior to delivery for completeness, numbers, units of measurement, proper names, any terminological specifications, official/regulatory specifications, formatting, and other stipulated checkpoints
  • Coordination of your customer approval process with your corporate branch offices located around the world

We make the desktop publishing ...

... of your medical translation extremely simple

The layout of a specialist translation in the medical field presents many challenges. Linguistic idiosyncracies and country-specific special characters or scripts can quickly disrupt the original page layout. Graphics, headings, and the word-image ratio can also have shifted after translation..

As good as the original

Our desktop publishing experts have specialized in multilingual layout projects since 1998. We support all of the commonly used layout programs (DTP programs) and image formats. We offer this service in all languages, and we can provide you with extensive advice on this. As a language service provider specializing in medical and pharmaceutical texts, we will ensure that your translated document looks just as good at the end as the original.

The first step in your medical translation is a personal consultation. Together, we can finely tune the translation process to your individual requirements. We can analyze your data and create a tailor-made quotation for your translation.

You can discuss the document formats as well as specify terminology and review loops with your personal contact.

We adapt the layout of your documents to the specific linguistic and cultural requirements of the various foreign languages. For foreign-language typesetting, we have true DTP experts, who are very well acquainted with all languages, fonts and layouts. We can format your medical translations in all languages and DTP formats.

Good data preparation forms the basis of an efficient translation process. That is why we optimize your files for CAT systems before the translation starts.

This ensures that:

  • unnecessary or incorrect segmentations are avoided
  • superfluous internal tags are reduced
  • Grafiktexte übersetzbar gemacht
  • graphics are linked meaningfully
  • the structure of tables is preserved.

We return your medical translations to their original format and adapt the formatting with consideration for language-specific features.

  • Compensation for language expansion
  • Generation of lists with consideration for language-specific sort order
  • Mirroring of the layout for RTL languages, such as z. B. Arabic and Hebrew
  • Quality control and the generation of PDF files for your review
  • Incorporation of translator/customer corrections
  • Reproduction services ranging from digital printing of small runs to offset printing of large runs

We work with all common file formats, such as InDesign, FrameMaker, PageMaker, CorelDRAW, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. Before we begin your medical translation, we convert your texts and reset them, if necessary.

Our mother-tongue translators check their own work carefully and conscientiously before they submit their translations to our project managers. On request, we will gladly have your texts revised by another expert.

Our DTP experts will finalize your documents and create tailor-made print templates, such as ready-to-print PDFs or layouts for digital prints.

We will coordinate all required correction phases up to the final approval of your specialist translation with you, your graphics agency, or the relevant corporate branch offices

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