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From a translation company to a language service provider

for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors

Medical translations are the backbone of mt-g. However, over the more than twenty years that we have been in business, our company has steadily grown. mt-g has developed from being purely a translation company into a universal and global language service provider for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

More than just translations

In addition to specialized medical and pharmaceutical translations, we offer our customers in the healthcare, medical, pharmaceutical, and medical technology sectors a number of other language services. For example, we optimize texts for search engines and develop customized corporate languages. We always have the right language solution.

What defines us ...

... and what you can rely on.

Reliability is the key to our success and the satisfaction of our customers, partners, and staff.

We achieve this through our diligent working practices, our collaborative approach, and, last but not least, our expertise. This allows us to deliver our services to the highest standards.

We love CAT tools:

And there are clear benefits to working with them:


We firmly believe that every language service requires careful and accurate planning. For this reason, we discuss the wishes of our customers in detail before we start implementing a project.

To the highest standards

At mt-g, all our project managers are experts in their field, just like our native-speaker translators. This professional expertise, together with our commitment, is what makes mt-g such a supremely capable language service provider.


We communicate with our customers through dedicated contact partners who can be reached directly. This is how we at mt-g create personal customer relationships, which we carefully nurture to consolidate our mutual trust.

On a solid foundation

Specialized medical translation as the foundation

mt-g was founded in 1998 by the managing partners Gerlinde and Andreas Bendig. A truly global company has grown out of this vision of a translation agency for medical documents. Today, we have become a leader in the area of universal language services for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors.

With a solid base and a global network

Our services help companies in this field to achieve international success. Our staff carefully help shape these services. They also receive support from our international network of external, carefully screened language experts.

mt-g management

Three experts work for your success.

Jessica Giardini

Since 2015:Head of Project Management Pharma
Since 2018:Head of HR
Since 2019:Authorized signatory

“In order to ensure our continued market success in the future, we have to keep pace with technological change, which is also taking place among regulatory authorities and in the pharmaceutical industry, and adapt to the changing requirements of our customers.”

Bernd Mayer

Since 2015:Head of Project Management Medical Technology & Dental, Head of Customer Management
Since 2019:Authorized signatory

“In the future, we will analyze and satisfy customer requirements to an even greater degree. In addition, we will expand our service portfolio and thus continue to offer our customers attractive added value.“

Samuel Aubin

Since 2011:Head of Quality Management
Since 2019:Authorized signatory


“The particular challenges facing us in the area of quality and compliance are the increasing complexity of processes and requirements as well as regulatory developments.”

Socially diligent

Focused on the future

We are guided by our four sustainability principles. We are forging our own path toward a future that we hope will be shaped more by the common good and environmental action. If you would like to know more about our vision for the future, you can find out more here.


Learn more about our diligent approach

Helping to shape the future

We are open to new ideas.

Within the language services industry, we see ourselves as supremely capable facilitators for the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. This also motivates us to continue developing. We strive to achieve healthy growth, particularly with regard to our range of services. Our transformation from purely a translation company to a universal language service provider is in full swing.

Become a partner.

We are already offering new language services, such as international SEO and audio and video translations. Both services are rooted in language expertise. If you are an expert in a language service that you would like to offer in collaboration with us, please get in touch. We are open to new ideas.

Your contact partner for collaboration opportunities

Bernd Mayer
Authorized Signatory, Member of the Management Team

Manager for Customer Management  


+49 731 176397-30

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