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We market your product.

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Marketing and communication
for medicine and pharmaceuticals

From marketing to quality management, we can help you to market your product worldwide. Our specialist translators can translate your medical documents into all of the languages necessary to ensure the international success of your project. We adapt the translations of your marketing materials to the respective target market and take terminology requirements, style guides, and corporate language requirements into account.

Our project team can always be contacted directly.
It gives you trustworthy advice, and plans every project with foresight. This way you never have to worry about the intricacies of pharmaceutical translation again. As your language service provider, we would also be happy to proofread and revise your texts, even if they were not written or translated by us.

A wide range of services

For translating your documents

Be it for promotional materials, quality reports, or internal company communications, we can perform translation projects in all areas of medical communication to a professional standard.

  • Promotional materials
  • Product information
  • Conversation guides
  • Educational and training materials
  • Websites and apps
  • Brochures for patients and specialists
  • Market research documents, market analyses
  • Questionnaires
  • Work instructions
  • Manufacturing protocols
  • Deficiency reports
  • Quality manuals
  • Quality reports
  • Safety data sheets
  • Business and finance documents (including contracts, annual financial statements, extracts from commercial registers)
  • Official documents and certificates
  • Business communication
  • Patient reports
  • Job descriptions
  • Job references
  • White papers

mt-g is your flexible
translation service partner that ...


  • specializes in the various fields of medical and pharmaceutical communication,
  • takes into account linguistic features when translating into various national languages,
  • is able to flexibly adapt to changes to the text or deadline that are made at short notice,
  • is able to personally advise you concerning every order, and
  • is able to calculate costs transparently and precisely.

Tailor-made for marketing your medical products

For translations in marketing and in the pharmaceutical sector

  • We will guide you through the entire translation process. In addition, we can create an individualized service package for you.
  • We have the right medical translator for every job. And of course, this includes specialization in the relevant field and the associated terminology.
  • In addition, your project manager is your personal point of contact. They are very familiar with all the linguistic features of the respective target language. Their combination of subject matter and linguistic expertise is what makes our translations so precise.
  • mt-g stands for personal access and communication. Thanks to short response times, we can process change requests quickly and flexibly.
  • We can always find a tailor-made solution for your translation project. Thanks to our flexible project management, the team here at mt-g is also able to handle rush orders.
  • You won't find any hidden costs at mt-g. Our project managers precisely calculate each language project in advance. We guarantee that we will never lose sight of your budget.
  • Can CAT tools be used to ensure quality and reduce costs? We save the translations that we complete for you in the fields of pharmacy and medical marketing in translation memories, which are personalized to you, traceable, and securely hosted in-house. When you submit a new assignment, the software can find repetitions, identical pairs of sentences, as well as similar language from your previous jobs, and you will save money as a result. The larger your personal database, the greater your potential for price and time savings at mt-g.

Human & direct

mt-g stands for personal access and communication.

We adapt our services to precisely meet the specifications of our clients from the marketing and communication sector. In addition, our international regular translators keep constantly up-to-date about all customer requirements.

This guarantees that the marketing translation that we deliver to you is faithful to the original. The project managers who are dedicated to this area will personally guide you through every step of the translation process.

We would welcome the opportunity to convince you with a sample translation.

With your project manager you will be able to agree on:

  • The detailed project timeline and the entire scope of services
  • Individual terminology specifications, such as, for example, in accordance with corporate language reference documents or style guides
  • Delivery formats and firm deadlines

Your reliable
language service provider

For marketing and communication

Do you need to translate medical documents in sales, pharmaceuticals marketing, quality, and production? Our Pharmaceutical & Medical Communication project management team is very familiar with the requirements of subject-specific translations, and they can coordinate your pharmaceutical translation project while taking into account all specifications.

A tailor-made solution for your translations

Whether you speak to us personally or an agency takes care of your communication, together we will find a tailor-made solution for your translations. We are firmly convinced that only a customer relationship founded on trust can lead to optimal results. Thanks to our more than 20 years of experience and our ISO 9001 certification, we can be your reliable partner for specialist translations in medicine and pharmacy.

More assurance thanks to compliance with ISO 17100

In addition, we can also complete your translations in the area of medical marketing in accordance with ISO 17100 on request. The additional steps in the translation process required by the latter standard increase the quality still further due to compliance with even more stringent translator qualification and professional expertise requirements.

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