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Whistleblower portal

for mt-g medical translation GmbH & Co. KG

In accordance with Article 8 of EU Directive 2019/1937, mt-g medical translation GmbH & Co. KG provides a channel for reporting violations of Union law.

The whistleblower portal allows mt-g employees and business partners
to report, anonymously and openly, information on:

  • Irregularities, abuses, unlawful behavior, and criminal acts within mt-g medical translation GmbH & Co. KG (fraud, theft, corruption, embezzlement, money laundering, etc.)
  • Breaches of law
  • Violations of equality legislation and other human and children’s rights (discrimination, harassment, abuse, etc.)
  • Violations of internal guidelines and instructions.

Please provide as much detail as possible and remember that we have no way of contacting you with any queries. You may remain anonymous, if you wish. However, we encourage you to provide us with your contact details so that we can keep you informed about the progress of your disclosure and ask you for any additional information that may help us investigate the reported violation. Please remember: The more information you provide, the greater the likelihood that we will be to react appropriately and resolve the issue. Please answer the questions as accurately as you can.

Reporting channels

We always prefer that you contact us personally so that we can gather all the necessary information we may need to address the issue. If you prefer not contact us by phone, please use this form. You may also report violations in person, by email, or by phone to the mt-g compliance manager. You may also contact your direct supervisor/manager.
No matter how you decide to contact us, rest assured that you will remain anonymous at all times, if you so wish. At no point will we attempt to establish who you are, and should you decide to provide personal details, under no circumstances will we share those details with Human Resources, unless you explicitly consent that we may do so. If you wish to remain anonymous, please make sure when answering the following questions that you do not inadvertently reveal yourself by specifying, for example, what your relationship is to the individuals involved in the issue.

Should you decide to remain anonymous, but would like to be informed about the process, please provide an email address in the whistleblower form that protects your identity. Any communication with you will then proceed via this email address.

If the matter is urgent and requires immediate response, please do not use the form, but phone the Quality & Compliance officer at mt-g directly.

Your proactive reporting in case of suspected serious violations will help us prevent damage to our company, workforce, and customers.