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In consultation with our SEO specialists,

  • we can develop a Google Adwords campaign to address your international audience and that is aligned with your international corporate goals.
  • We will discuss deadlines and budget expectations with you and
  • provide you with ongoing multilingual SEO support.

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Our project managers and specialized translators

Search engine promotion and search engine optimization, or SEO, form an integral part of successful medical and pharmaceutical online marketing. While search engine optimization provides the basis for your positioning in Google’s index, Google Ads help you to get relevant traffic without waiting and also allow you to make short-term adjustments and react to changes.

As an international provider of translation services, we offer you a comprehensive package. We can optimize your texts in the source language, adapt them to other languages during the translation process so that they are search engine optimized, and at the same time select SEO terms that are still medically accurate, including for the pharmaceutical industry.

As an international provider of translation services, we can offer you a complete package for your search engine marketing (SEM) needs. Our experienced medical writers can also compose texts, whether for specialists or in simple language for laypersons, that are search engine optimized for your website. We can also adapt your existing texts to meet the requirements of various search engines. During the translation process, we directly check and optimize the keywords for the respective target language so that your website can also be found in other languages and countries. At the same time, we of course always take into account the medical and pharmaceutical accuracy of the SEO terms.


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An overview of our Google Ads services

Translate texts for Google Adwords campaigns

We translate the texts of your Adwords campaigns into all relevant languages and ensure that your message is communicated precisely and attractively. Our native speakers and specialized translators know the specific requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industries and can also take account of the special cultural and linguistic features of the target country.

Texts of Google Adwords campaigns

Our experienced medical writers will help you to create your Google Adwords campaigns. All texts are always adapted to the respective target group that you want to address.

Create and optimize Google Ads accounts

Our experts can either set up your Google Ads account from scratch or optimize your existing accounts. We ensure that your campaign structure is efficient and targeted to achieve maximum results.

Creating and optimizing Google Analytics, including Google Tag Manager

Track the success of your campaigns with Google Analytics and Tag Manager. We support you with the setup and optimization so that you can gain valuable insights into user behavior and continuously improve your campaigns.

Content creation (images, ad copywriting) for display campaigns and retargeting ads

High-quality ad copy and visual content are critical to the success of your display campaigns and efforts retargeting ads. Our team creates customized assets that appeal to your international audience and effectively bolster your content marketing.

Monthly support and optimization of Google Adwords campaigns

We offer continuous support and optimization of your Google Adwords campaigns. Our SEO specialists monitor performance, conduct AB testing, and adapt strategies so that you always achieve the best possible results.

Keyword research in all languages before the launch of and during campaigns

Detailed keyword research is the foundation of successful Google Adwords campaigns. We identify the most relevant keywords in all required languages, both before campaign launch and during ongoing campaigns, to improve your visibility and reach.

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