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Join mt-g on a linguistic journey around the world

mt-g was founded as a translation agency 25 years ago and has since developed into a universal language service provider. Of course, our work focuses on the many languages that are spoken around the world. But languages not only define our everyday work at mt-g: they are the cornerstone of our social communication system. Languages let us communicate, exchange information, and learn new things.

Languages also form integral parts of human culture, which means that not all words can always be translated 1:1 into other languages. Take just one prominent example: The word “hygge," a Danish word that could be translated as “cozy” or “pleasant.” However, it means more than that. "Hygge" is often used to describe the attitude that Danes take towards life. These kinds of words can be found in many other languages besides Danish, and they have their own unique and exciting facets.

There are currently around 7,000 languages worldwide, excluding dialects. About 3,000 of them are actively spoken, in some cases by millions of people, though for others the community of speakers is no more than a few hundred or even just a few dozen. We took a closer look at six languages: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and German. We have collected a few interesting facts about these languages, and there were some that frankly surprised us.

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