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The four principles of our dealings

or: Our idea for an mt-g sustainability concept

Over the long term, economic growth will only occur in a favorable environment. It is therefore very important to us to do our part to save the environment and to create a society based on solidarity, in which everyone can prosper and live happily.

We do this by

  1. Running our company conscientiously
  2. Taking responsibility for our employees
  3. Behaving responsibly towards the environment and ourselves
  4. Being socially engaged

Principle 1:
Running our company conscientiously

Keyword: Common good

The corporate philosophy of mt-g is firmly anchored in running our company conscientiously. This applies to both our business partners and our employees. Long-term customer relationships offer the job security that benefits our employees.

Principle 2:
Taking responsibility
for our employees

Keyword: Cycle

Long-term employment relationships help us to maintain the quality standard of our language services, which our customers have come to appreciate.

  • 8 % fluctuation in the last 10 years
  • 100 permanent employees
  • 77 % employee growth rate over the past 10 years
  • 87 % employee satisfaction in 2022
  • 242 employee training sessions in 2022

Principle 3:
Taking responsibility for the environment

More than just hot air

Energy efficiency:
The mt-g building

  • Green building
  • Highly insulated, aluminum cladding facade
  • Passive glass building
  • Heating from heat pumps
    (linked to a geothermal probe that has been built into the bored piles, which required a special permit since we drilled to a depth of 114 m)
  • Radiant heated & cooled ceilings built into reinforced concrete slabs
    (including concrete core activation)
  • Supply and exhaust air concept utilizing heat recovery

The mt-g vehicle fleet

With our vehicle fleet, we are putting yet another piece in the mosaic to realize the vision of our sustainability concept.  

Our company hybrid vehicles impress with their low fuel and power consumption and associated low CO2 emissions.

We let the flowers speak.

We recently saved a plot of land from falling victim to pig farming operation. The plot is now used to grow flowers.

In the summer we will regularly take photos of the bees at work there and post them on Facebook.

Principle 4:
Social engagement

We give part of our earnings back to society. We do this via the platform. mt-g supports various regional and international projects that are committed to bettering society and/or the environment.

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