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Introducing Team Dental

One of Europe’s leading translation service providers exclusively for the medical sector, mt-g also covers the fields of dental technology and dentistry. As an area of medicine in its own right, it has very specific requirements – which is why mt-g has its own dental team specializing in it.

The team also covers subspecialties in both sectors, such as prosthetics, implantology, practice equipment, orthodontics and oral surgery. From technical documents such as instructions for use and manuals to websites, product catalogs, social media posts and flyers for marketing and human resources through scientific texts, technical articles, training documents and legal texts, our dental team can handle it all – and much more besides.

The team, consisting of four project managers and two proofreaders, handled over 1,000 projects with more than 5.5 million translated words and 84 language combinations in 2021 alone. In the paragraphs below, we explain why Scooter and Johann Sebastian Bach also play their part.

Six high-powered women – specialists who never bite off more than they can chew

The dental team currently numbers six members: Janine Lombardo, Lilli Ostwald, Sabrina Giuca, Lisa Hagen, Evangelia Kontou and Flavia Fimiani. At the moment, they are all still working from home, but Janine and Sabrina are hoping to come back to the office regularly again soon. Nevertheless, the spatial distance is not at all felt in day-to-day working life. Twice-weekly fixed team calls, in which the team shares information about all current and upcoming projects, ensure that communications flow smoothly. Generally speaking, the good atmosphere is characterized by mutual support and respect.
The organization of customer projects also runs seamlessly. Although one project manager is always a customer’s first point of contact, a second project manager is also kept fully in the loop as a back-up. However, the other team members also know all the customers and can step in, if necessary. When individual team members are absent, a detailed overview is created so there is no chance of gaps in knowledge occurring.

Thanks to optimum team organization, its members also keep on top of projects with tight deadlines, specific terminology and reference material without any problems and they never lose track. Good things come in small packages, and what makes the team so special is that all its members speak many different languages (and dialects) and are able to complement and support each other superbly, thanks to their different strengths and experience.

"I’m very proud of my team, how organized we are, and the positive atmosphere. I can always rely on them 100% – and so can our customers,"

says team leader Janine Lombardo, describing her colleagues.

It is all the nicer when the team members also find time to share a laugh with each other or with customers and service providers, and to conduct excited conversations, such as about the upcoming dress rehearsal for Bach’s St. Mark Passion. While the translator is singing Bach, the dental team is listening to the band Scooter so that the next project can be finalized at the right pace.


The faces of our dental team

Who is actually behind the name in the email and the voice on the phone? All is revealed here!

Our dental team – a partner you can rely on

mt-g has been active in the field of professional translations in the medical sector for almost 25 years now and has also been reliably supplying dental translations since then. Our team not only specializes in dental translations but also looks after and advises our customers personally, adheres to budget specifications and quickly implements even short-notice changes or corrections.

How can we guarantee high quality? For a professional translation, we engage specialist medical translators who also know the dental technology and dentistry fields as well as the sector’s specific requirements inside out. Furthermore, our specialist translators translate only into their own mother tongue, integrating the linguistic and cultural differences of their respective region of origin when they do so.

Would you like to place your next project in the hands of our dental team? Contact us and give us the opportunity to impress you. We are happy to undertake a test translation.

More information about our dental services and contact options can be found on our dental page.

Team Dental