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International SEO in the medical field

will allow you to be seen across the globe.

If you are looking for a language service provider that ...

  • knows the latest SEO-specific requirements and always stays abreast of the latest developments,
  • specializes in the medical and pharmaceutical sectors,
  • works only with expert SEO translators, and
  • has medical writers who can author medical and pharmaceutical texts in accordance with SEO guidelines,

… then mt-g is the right partner for international search engine optimization of your texts.

Reach the world with SEO

International SEO for different regions

English-language SEO is not straightforward. It requires not only an accurate translation and deep understanding of the nuances of the English language, but also a grasp of the culture of the target country. The relevant keywords in the UK differ from those in the US and any other English-speaking region. International SEO must take this into account.


Emily B.
Translator & SEO Specialist

German is a difficult language for search engine optimization. There are numerous ways to express an idea in German. Synonyms and compound words can pose a real challenge for SEO specialist. The key thing here is to determine the right wording to reach the respective target group and to adapt the SEO strategy accordingly.


Frederik A.
Translator & SEO Specialist

Google is clearly the number one search engine in many regions of the world. But there are countries where Google's market leadership is being challenged by other companies. These include several Asian countries. In these markets, the domestic provider Baidu is a strong competitor. When it comes to international SEO, it is important that the expert knows the market and can deliver optimization for other search engines, if applicable.


Fedor K.
Translator & SEO Specialist

French is a complex language, which uses elegant expressions. On the Internet, however, French speakers often use abbreviated or colloquial words to make it easier to search on search engines. It is often only native speakers who will be familiar with these cultural nuances. This can make international SEO difficult.


Eva G.
Translator & SEO Specialist

Your complete package of services from mt-g

for international SEO in the medical field

It has been proven that SEO texts increase the visibility of your company's website on the Internet. When addressing global markets, it is therefore wise to perform international search engine optimization for your web texts. Since every country has different requirements for search engine optimization, the translation of your source texts must meet important conditions.

In order to ensure successful international SEO ...

  • search words must be translated according to both linguistic and cultural considerations
  • the search culture and search engines of the target country must be taken into account, and
  • the most appropriate translations must be found for the often very specialized search terms used in the medical sector in order to increase your search reach in the long run.

As an international language service provider, we are experts when it comes to country-specific requirements. Our native SEO translators and medical writers will help you transcend national borders and gain visibility worldwide.

mt-g:We think globally.

Let our experience and quality help you achieve the best result

Our more than 25 years of experience in the medical B2B field is what makes our language services so spot on. At mt-g, a dedicated team will handle the international search engine optimization of your texts. This means that your project will be implemented smoothly and without any delays.

We always stay on top of the latest developments in the field of SEO and continually train our specialized translators. This allows us to ensure the quality of our SEO translations and help your company achieve better search engine rankings worldwide.

Our tailor-made solution

for your international SEO

mt-g offers:

  • Ongoing analyses of the entire process
  • International keyword research
  • Authoring of meta texts and meta tags
  • Medical texts authored according to SEO requirements
  • Translation and localization of keyword lists, meta texts and meta tags
  • Analysis and optimization of existing SEO measures


Core Web Vitals are metrics that can be used to measure how good an experience a website offers a visitor and how well he/she is able to use it. These quality parameters are important for evaluating the site. The better the Core Web Vitals score, the better the website ranking in the search results.

The LCP measures the time it takes for a website’s main page to load. The ideal score is 2.5 seconds or less.


FID is the time it takes for a response to occur to the visitor’s first interaction on the site. In other words, the time it takes for a click on a link or the submission of a form to be registered.


CLS describes the stability of a website’s layout. If elements of the layout shift or are not displayed during use, this has negative impacts on the CLS score.


Technical Search Engine Optimization

We at mt-g believe in holistic solutions. You want to underpin your linguistic SEO in the medical and pharmaceutical field with technical optimization? No problem! We work with highly specialized partners who professionally analyze your website and show where there is potential for technical improvement. The technical optimization is also implemented, on request. In the process, your Google Core Web Vitals are optimized in such a way that you, together with our SEO translation, contribute towards achieving a lasting improvement in your Google rankings. When we carry out SEO translation, we take into consideration the linguistic particularities of local search habits. In this way, we provide you with a multi-strategic SEO approach and more solid results.
In our work with you, we at mt-g believe in providing a central contact person who bundles all international SEO services for you and addresses your questions. We also maintain our strict quality standards with all our SEO services.

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Your project manager is your personal point of contact. They will advise you on search engine optimization and guide you through the entire process.

Before we start on the SEO translation and optimization of your texts, we will develop a specific project schedule together with you. This ensures transparent cost and creates a working relationship based on trust.

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to your concerns

Our project managers are always easy to reach, whether by email, phone or Microsoft Teams.

This allows us to resolve any outstanding issues quickly and flexibly.

We know how important international SEO is for your company's global marketing strategy. That is why we use only native-speaker medical writers and translators with many years of experience.

We can meet
your needs.

Your personal contact partner will carefully plan your project and proactively ask the right questions. As a result, our language services not only meet your requirements, but often exceed them.

We nurture relationships with our customers, which is why we have such a large number of loyal customers.

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