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Changes in medicine mean changes for mt-g

Medicine is changing. Every day there are reports of innovations in medical technology, and the medical industry is adopting digital technology with online offerings, intelligent devices, and smartphone apps.

The entire approach to dealing with health issues is changing, as more and more people are taking better care of their health or being forced to look after it more carefully. As society ages, it has an increasing need for long-term medical care and corresponding resources.

This has many consequences. Medical job profiles as well as medical services are continuing to develop to meet this challenge, but at the same time customers and patients are placing more demands on the healthcare sector.

mt-g is responding to the change. The company is transforming from a translation provider to a universal language service provider.

This changes a lot of things. Let's start with one of the smallest changes: This new blog replaces the previous "Package Insert", the iconically titled client magazine that we have published regularly since 2005.

We also have an overhauled website and new service offerings. As of April, mt-g now offers medical writing, corporate language, and international SEO services. Thanks to these new services, we can support the medical and pharmaceutical industries as they face new challenges.

Our managing director Andreas Bendig spoke about this point in particular:

»Corporate language and SEO are already integrated into our new website. All texts are SEO-compliant and adapted to our newly developed corporate language. We aspire to make the new services available to our clients in exactly the same way as our translations.«


In what follows, we will briefly outline the new services for you. If you want to learn more, follow the links below.


Medical writing

From now on, you can order copywriting of specialist medical texts on your topics from us. We will organize the specialist copywriters that are the right match for you and we can also handle the subsequent specialist translation needs that may arise.

You'll soon be able to read more from our medical writers on the blog in a special section: White Paper. With this step, we will also integrate the third new service on our own pages.

More about Medical Writing on mt-g.com.


Corporate language

Our Marketing & Communication manager Marc von Bentivegni can hardly wait to show you personally how you can develop your corporate language – ideally on the basis of your brand. He helped shape the process when mt-g was developing its own corporate language. When it comes to mt-g's external communications, Marc von Bentivegni ensures that the recognizable style elements are implemented consistently. Marc is also a trained designer, so he can think through and implement a corporate language in visual terms for you as well.

In his own words:

»Corporate language is a building block of corporate identity that is all too often neglected.

Many companies do not have a fully developed brand core, although this is indispensable for evolving the entire marketing approach, including the corporate design. We also create a kind of manual. It helps the client to use its corporate language. Various corporate language components are defined in this “self-help guide,” such as, for example, tonality, dos & don'ts, corporate language keywords, and much more. If desired, we can then write cross-media texts or provide courses on how to use the language.

At the beginning of a CL project, we are of course dependent on the cooperation and input of the client. In plain language, this means that we form a team with the client to carry out the groundwork.

The client's point of view is particularly interesting and important to hear out. We cannot do this ourselves, for data protection reasons. Once this part is done, we then retreat behind closed doors and work without the client. Every now and then we conduct meetings and reviews.«

International SEO

Did you know that there are other major search engines besides Google? For example, there is Yandex in Russia.

Very few people think about the subtle and sometimes major differences between the search regions. Our SEO specialists are native speakers of their target languages. They know which search engines and keywords their compatriots use to search for information and products. Cultural idiosyncrasies are also reflected in search behavior, and it is important to be aware of these nuances. Because search behavior is also constantly changing, our international SEO experts keep abreast of the latest trends on a regular basis.

Project manager for SEO/SEA Denise Ergenzinger explains mt-g's latest service offering as follows:

»Search engine optimization is a complex field that has become a real science in recent years. If you need to optimize all of your content for the world market, then you need to recruit specialists.

Time-consuming research is essential in order to culturally optimize the content and adapt the keywords so that they can be found by an international audience.

Our in-house team of SEO specialists and translators will handle your assignments centrally from our office. We will not outsource search engine optimization orders to external agencies.«

mt-g: Realizing the vision of a universal language service provider

As the medical technology field continues to innovate, and members of society pay more attention to their health, the medical and pharmaceutical industry is expanding to meet these needs and pointing the way for mt-g. We are open to new ideas. We go where medicine is going and welcome medical advances with open arms. Read Andreas Bendig:

»I am really proud that the new website has been completed as part of the marketing mix. In particular, the specialized employees who were hired for this project know what they are talking about and have contributed enormously to our success.

I think we managed the transition from traditional to digital marketing well. Now we are embarking on the second expansion stage. Over the next few years, we will continue to realize our vision as a specialized pharmaceutical service provider that can address all needs that are outsourced by pharmaceutical or medical technology companies.«


When we talk about language solutions instead of language services, we have a service that is both modern and efficient at the back of our minds. Therefore, the mt-g portfolio of specialist translation services is now joined by new language solutions: medical writing, corporate language, and international SEO.

You will soon be able to read more about these here on our blog. Or on our website. Or on our social media channels, on which we are expanding our activities.


When will we meet again?

We value personal contact with you. Because it is also thanks to the very personal approach we take to nurturing contacts that we are able to keep pace with change.

That is why we have drastically reduced the effort required to get in touch with project partners on our website: On each page you can choose between a simple and a detailed contact form. The contact button will always be right by your side.

Leave a comment right now. The mt-g team looks forward to exchanging ideas with you.



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